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June 10, 2022 - Appointments for kids 6 months through 5 years

A small group of parents is organizing crowd-sourcing of advance information so families and caretakers of kids under 6 years old can plan for appointments as soon as possible:

Vaccine providers/people with information: Submit info on under 5 vaccine appointments

Families/friends of kids under 5: scout out vaccine providers offering under 5 appointments near you (crowd-sourced)

This is a PREVIEW of a map of the crowd-sourced appointment info collected above. Click to view the interactive map! Map of crowd-sourced vaccines for under 5 year olds

The official national Vaccines.gov search engine as updated with availability on June 23, but does not currently list details such as mask policies of locations and age ranges for the youngest kids (under 3 years old).

January 7, 2022 - Booster Appointments

We are still monitoring the appointment availabilty situation and it looks like booster appointments are available, but just aren’t convenient to find. In general, if you are looking within King County, you should be able to find an open appointment at most a week into the future. We created a list of some of the locations with the highest appointment availability here.

May 28, 2021 - CovidWA Mission Complete!

We developed WA COVID Vaccine Finder (CovidWA.com) to try to collect live appointment availability from every COVID-19 vaccine provider in Washington state and make finding open Covid-19 vaccination appointments less frustrating and less time-consuming. We launched on February 10, 2021, and ended operations on May 28, 2021. We are thrilled to see that COVID-19 vaccine appointments, pop-up clinics, and walk-in opportunities are now widely available throughout the state and >60% of the currently-eligible population of WA state has been vaccinated.

Over 3.5 months, we provided appointment availability to 1.1M unique users and expanded our services to include text updates and a live map. We thank all the volunteers and donors who made it possible for us to provide this site for free to all Washingtonians and enabled our data to power the WA State Department of Health’s VaccineLocator.

Screenshot of COVIDWA.com on the last week of May

Screenshot of COVIDWA.com search results in the last week of operation

Letter from the Governor

Who we are

CovidWA.com is a huge grassroots effort built by >70 volunteers from WA and around the world. We can’t list everyone for privacy reasons, but here are many of our amazing contributors:


  • Alexander Fenster: Scrapers
  • Daniel Morris: Scrapers
  • Darren Lim: Scrapers
  • Dmitry Grigorenko: Scrapers
  • George Hu: Group Manager & Technical Evangelist
  • Kirsten Andrews: Project Management, Communications, Media
  • Konstantin Likhter: Backend
  • Maureen A OHara: Project Management, Communications, Media
  • Mike Afanasev: Frontend/UX
  • Olga Illarionova: Scrapers


  • Andrew Hu: Scrapers
  • Ashley Zammitt: UX UI, UX/UI Lead
  • Bill Selig: Scrapers
  • Chris Murphy: Scrapers
  • Christina Scott: UX UI, Design
  • Donn Terry: Volunteer Coordinators, Coordinators
  • Elly Searle: UX UI
  • Evan Mazor: Scrapers
  • George Hu: Overall coordination, Coordinators
  • Hala Almoussa: Scrapers
  • Henry Bettany: Scrapers, Frontend
  • Holly Hirzel: Volunteer Coordinators, Coordinators
  • Isabella Ryder: Product Management
  • James Wu: Frontend
  • Jeff White: Scrapers
  • Jessica Chong: Testing and Data Lead, Frontend
  • Jonathan Cluts: Volunteer Coordinators
  • Justine Kamionsky: UX UI
  • Karen Olcott: Product marketing
  • Ken Becker: UX UI
  • Kinsley Ogunmola: Scrapers
  • Kirsten Andrews: Comms / PR, Coordinators
  • Konstantin Likhter: Database, Coordinators, Scrapers
  • Laura Yedwab: Volunteer Coordinators
  • Lee Smith: Scrapers
  • Linh Tran: Scrapers
  • Lisa Du: Backend
  • Louise Fox: Scrapers
  • Matt Rigg: Frontend
  • Matthew Oakes: Frontend, Scrapers
  • Matthew Wetmore: Comms / PR
  • Maureen A. O'Hara: Comms / PR, Coordinators
  • Michelle Jaff: Volunteer Coordinators
  • Monica Rosman LaFever: Scrapers
  • Nicole Steinbok: Scrapers, Overall Project Coordination
  • Nizar Almoussa: Volunteer Coordinators, Product Management
  • Nupur Gupta: Comms / PR
  • Rich Tong: Scrapers, Coordinators
  • Rosaline Le: Testing, Clinics data
  • Ryan Russell: Engineering, Volunteer Coordinators, Scrapers
  • Sean Wang: Scrapers
  • Shep Walker: Scrapers
  • Thomas Chavas: Scrapers
  • Tiffany Hu: Scrapers
  • Timothy Liu: Scrapers
  • Tony Ting: Scrapers, Testing, Coordinators
  • Trisha Lockhart: Clinic data
  • Zohaib Rauf: Frontend

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Our work is possible thanks to support and special offerings from: