How to Contribute


Although we are wrapping up our efforts to provide live appointment availability through, we are exploring other ways we can assist with ongoing vaccination efforts within WA state and nationwide. If you are interested in joining us, please submit your information. We are actively looking for frontend and backend developers to help us build a new web platform for vaccine outreach, but people with other forms of expertise are absolutely welcome.

Share your successes!

Our team is run by volunteers and we would be thrilled to know if we helped you look for or book an appointment. Let us know.

Donations: Vaccine Equity Initiative

We have received generous donations that enabled us to run for free and we really hope our users will consider instead supporting efforts to make vaccines accessible to everyone in WA state. Please donate to the AllinWA Vaccine Equity Initiative in our names.

AllinWA Vaccine Equity Initiative

Donations: CovidWA has been a 100% volunteer effort. Thanks to donors like you we have raised $5000 with expenses of $2000 (as of April 8) to run our website and provide small thank you gifts for our over 100 volunteers. We also received a $3000 grant to fund our telephone/text notification system.

Anticipated corporate matches and remaining funds will be used to continue to run our website and software, provide thank you gifts or events to keep our volunteers motivated in this drawn-out effort, and create stipends in order to allow some of our most critical volunteers to continue dedicating their lives to this effort.

Any residual funds will be donated to other 501c3s (non-profits) with similar missions. We are thankful for all your contributions and warm messages, that allowed us to go so far and serve Washingtonians.

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