Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use this site?

  1. Enter your ZIP code, city, or county name and we'll show you a list of providers that have appointments available.
  2. If we find an open appointment, we provide a link to the vaccination provider's booking webpage.
  3. If you see Available, click the "Schedule" button to visit the provider's website.
  4. Schedule your appointment through the provider's website.
  5. New!
    • Follow @covidwashington for state-wide alerts!
    • Subscribe to texts of new appointment openings by calling/texting a ZIP to xxxx.
    • You can also call/text your ZIP to xxxx for a single report of three nearby clinics with availability.
  6. Guide to statuses:
    • Available: Appointments available for online booking
    • Available - limited: Few appointments remaining, may be gone by the time you book
    • Call: Appointments reported available but must call to book
    • Walk-in: No appointments necessary/possible; location serves walk-ins only
    • Email: Appointments reported available but must email to book
    • Waitlist: Join waitlist to be notified when appointments are available
    • Possible: Uncertain if appointments are available
    • No Info: We do not report live availability status for this locaiton
    • Unavailable: No appointments available
  7. If you need help scheduling an appointment or finding availability due to lack of time, opportunity, or other challenges, here are some resources where you can find help.

Our how-to video

Who we are

We are a volunteer group with over 70 current/formers members from WA State and around the world. We were frustrated at how long it took to try each vaccination location only to see no appointments available. We developed WA COVID Vaccine Finder ( to try to collect live appointment availability from every COVID-19 vaccine provider in the state. We are proud to provide our appointment availability data and list of providers free to the WA Department of Health VaccineLocator.

Mission Statement:

Make finding available Covid-19 vaccination appointments in Washington State less frustrating and less time-consuming. Our website aggregates available vaccine appointments across the state and provides that information to users in real-time. Read more about our mission.

How does WA COVID Vaccine Finder work?

We check vaccination locations listed by the WA Department of Health every 5 minutes* with computer programs. If we find an open appointment, we list it on our page and show you a link to the location's booking webpage.

*Unfortunately it is too expensive for our programs to check the Safeway/Albertson/Haggen pharmacy chain every 5 minutes all day long, so these locations are checked every 5 minutes during the day and once per hour overnight.

I need help! My internet is really slow / I am not fluent in English!

We're really sorry. The current situation is definitely frustrating, but hang in there. As vaccine manufacturers ramp up their production, it will become easier and easier to find an appointment. We do not have the ability to provide one-on-one assistance in booking appointments, but please check out the group Vaccine Bookers Washington ( or the group Find a COVID Shot WA (volunteers prioritizing people of color), where you can connect with volunteers who can help you directly. If you just need some general guidance in how to book appointments, there are some helpful tips listed on and in this video made by Vaccine Bookers Washington.

WA state and some counties/cities are operating call centers if you are unable to book appointments online due to challenges with technology access. Please be aware that wait times for appointment booking assistance have been reported to be ~2-4 hours long and the call centers do not have access to additional "hidden" appointments.

WA State COVID-19 Assistance hotline

1-800-525-0127 or 1-888-856-5816 (then press #)
6am – 10pm (Monday – Friday), 8am – 6pm (Saturday/Sunday)
For language interpretation, say your preferred language in English when connected.

Blind and Low Vision COVID Access Line

Leave a voicemail and a representative from the Washington State School for the Blind will return your call.

King County COVID-19 Call Center

8am – 7pm
For language interpretation, say your preferred language in English when connected.

Blind and Low Vision COVID Access Line

Leave a voicemail and a representative from the Washington State School for the Blind will return your call.

Poulsbo/North Kitsap residents

Operated in partnership with volunteers at North Point Church.

Am I eligible to get the vaccine?

As of April 15, everyone 16 years and older in WA state is eligible to be vaccinated. Certain locations/providers may limit vaccinations to particular populations or groups, but the majority of providers vaccinate everyone eligible, with the caveat that currently only Pfizer is authorized for vaccinations of people under 18 years of age.

More about our mission

We believe that as long as COVID-19 vaccine appointment bookings are extremely limited and access to appointments is web-based, members of vulnerable communities that have been disproportionately impacted by COVID-19 will need special assistance in finding and booking appointments. We cannot possibly solve this problem ourselves, but this site is a contribution we have the power to make, now. We hope WA COVID Vaccine Finder ( helps reduce one barrier to conveniently accessing up-to-date appointment availability. Other WA-specific volunteer groups have formed to help people through the actual booking process. We strongly recommend you join them for one-on-one assistance with booking.

For more information about the communities in King County and WA state that have been most impacted by COVID-19 and continue to be most at risk, see these selected articles and statistics: [1] [2] [3] [4].

Can you expand this site to cover another state?

We are focusing our efforts on WA state for now, but we would be happy to share code with other groups developing similar sites. Visit to find all official state-run vaccination portals. We are also aware of volunteer-led aggregation efforts nationally: GetMyVaccine, VaccineSpotter, and FindaShot. Another volunteer group, has a comprehensive nationwide directory of all volunteer-run and official state efforts to aggregate vaccine appointments. Check out their directory to find out about the resources available to your state.

What can I do to help other Washingtonians get the COVID vaccine?

There are a lot of things you can do, whether you’ve already been vaccinated, are trying to find an appointment, or are not yet eligible for the vaccine!

If you are tech-savvy, reach out to your friends, neighbors, and local community groups. Let them know when you see appointments available on our site and help walk them through the booking process. If you don’t personally know anyone in need of an appointment, you can volunteer with Vaccine Bookers Washington ( or with Find a COVID Shot WA to help book appointments for others.

If you have a newer smartphone, you can enable WA Notify, a system that helps alert you if you’ve been exposed to someone with COVID-19. The more people who use it in WA state, the more accurate its alerts become.

You can volunteer with the WA State Public Health Reserve Corps and with local mass vaccination sites even if you don’t have medical training. Thousands of volunteers are going to be needed to help vaccinate the nearly 8 million people in this state!

What can I do to help with this site?

We are currently focused on developing support for as many vaccination locations as possible. We need help from software/web developers as well as people who can test and verify that our automated check for each location is working. Eventually we would like to add more graphics, send notifications to users, integrate with maps, translate this page into as many languages as possible, and add all sorts of other features. We’re trying to get a complex site up and running in just a few weeks, so we welcome more volunteers!

Is the information on this website accurate?

We are doing our best, but can’t make any guarantees. Building a robust, comprehensive website with appointment information from hundreds of booking systems is a complex job. We rely upon information from hundreds of private and public clinic websites. Appointment availability may or may not be accurate due to the challenges of interpreting websites that are constantly changing. Information is only updated periodically and may not be up-to-date. Please verify information directly with the DoH and clinic websites. If you see an appointment available and it’s gone when you go to book, it’s possible someone has already booked the appointment ahead of you. If you know of a location we should add, let us know.

I am a vaccination provider. How do I add my location's appointment availability to this site?

We can help you get the word out about vaccine appointment availability even if you do not use online appointment booking software and instead accept phone or email requests. If you include the following specific pieces of text someplace on your website and let us know, we will write computer code to visit your site every 5 minutes and detect which of the four text options you are displaying. This will not work if your website is a social media page such as Facebook. It needs to be an a standalone website.
  • COVID-19 vaccine available: call to make an appointment
  • COVID-19 vaccine available: email to make an appointment
  • Join our COVID-19 vaccine waitlist
  • COVID-19 vaccine not available