How to Use This Site

How do I use this site?

  1. Enter your ZIP code, city, or county name and we'll show you a list of providers that have appointments available.
  2. If we find an open appointment, we provide a link to the vaccination provider's booking webpage.
  3. If you see Available, click the "Schedule" button to visit the provider's website.
  4. Schedule your appointment through the provider's website.
  5. New! Follow @covidwashington for live alerts! You can also call/text your ZIP to (425) 292-1727 for three nearby clinics with availability.
  6. If you need help scheduling an appointment or finding availability due to lack of time, opportunity, or other challenges, here are some resources where you can find help.

Our how-to video

Why are no appointments available?

Right now there are over 1 million Washingtonians looking for an appointment, and only ~120,000 first dose appointments available state-wide each week (WA DOH report). Other WA-specific volunteer groups have formed to help people through the actual booking process if you have trouble booking available appointments. We strongly recommend you join them for one-on-one assistance with booking.

Another reason no appointments might be available when you try to book an appointment even though we show Available is when a provider only has enough doses to provide either first or second doses of the vaccine. The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines both require two doses, given a few weeks apart. The providers may screen your booking request to ensure that you are looking for the dose they have available.